October 2018

M3 Condos in Downtown Mississauga

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3rd Building of M condos is being launched soon, register with me through my website or contact me @ 416-409-9369 to reserve your desired units now

HOT Investment Opportunity in North York

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Autumn Leaves are Falling; Home Prices are Not

The market saw a slight increase in sales and prices last month in most area of the country. As we go into the cold sessions, it is quite obvious the real issue will be in supply rather than demand.

Closing Checklist

Congratulations, your offer has been accepted and you can’t wait to move into your new home. But don’t start celebrating yet. There is one final stage involved in purchasing a home - closing the deal.

Protecting Your Privacy While Your Home is on the Market

Many people are likely going to spend a considerable amount of time browsing through your home while it is on the market. If you are living in the home while it is for sale, your personal things will be on show too and potential buyers might look through drawers and other items that are inside your home.

10 Tips to Green Up Your Home

Being earth-friendly doesn't require going solar or growing all your own food. Making your home a little greener is easy and will have a great impact on the environment. A few simple changes in your home can go a long way to combat both high energy bills and global warming.

Is a Fixer-Upper House a Good Investment?

Buying a fixer-upper home can be a nightmare, punctuated by a series of unexpected disasters, or it can be a profitable venture. You can snag a rundown place in a good neighbourhood for way below market price, invest some time and money renovating it, and end up with a like-new house that's worth a lot more than what you paid for it.

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